There are many great places to hike to in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Below we have listed just a few!

Hiking in Vermont Averill Mountain Hike Averill Mountain is a short, but pretty hike, running up 2,240 feet. At just under 3/4 of a mile, this is considered a beginners hike. The view from the top is definitely worth the climb though. Once at the top, it levels out on a large rock and overlooks Big Averill Lake and it’s neighboring mountain, Brousseau (a perfect spot for a picnic!). Click here for directions.

Hiking in Vermont Brousseau Mountain Hike Brousseau Mountain is a short, but beautiful hike. At 2,723 feet it’s not the tallest mountain in the area, and depending on your hiking level can take any where from 30-45 minutes to reach the top. The trail is kept fairly clean, with some points that are wooden planks, and others that are stone inclines. The peak gives a beautiful view of Little Averill Lake, the endangered Peregrine Falcon, and forty miles of wilderness overlooking the Nulhagen Basin and Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge.
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Hiking in New Hampshire and Vermont; Clarksville Freedom Trails; wheelchair accessible hiking The Clarksville Freedom Trails are a length of trails in the Pittsburg-Clarksville area. Stretching about a mile long, this trail goes in loops in some areas, and can range from extremely easy to those reserved for intermediate hikers. These paths however are kept clear enough for someone in a wheel chair to traverse easily. Click here for directions.

Mount Magalloway:
Hiking in New Hampshire and Vermont; Garfield Falls in Pittsburg, NH Garfield Falls is a picture of beauty in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. When you get to the trail head (the trail itself is about 3/10 of a mile), you follow a clear path down to the waterfall. You come out on a platform, and there are wood steps leading down to different landings so you can look at the falls from many different angles, before coming out on the bottom, where there is a small pool (perfect for wading if you have a dog friend with you). Click here for directions.


Hiking in New Hampshire; Magalloway Mountain Mount Magalloway is a hike just before Garfield Falls. At 3,360 feet tall, the hike itself is fairly easy and offers views from a fire tower. Still functional today, if the warden is on duty, you can climb to the top, if he’s not, then you can still climb part of the way up. Click here for directions.

Hiking in Vermont; Gore Mountain Gore Mountain is by far one of the larger mountains in the area, and is not recommended for beginner hikers. Reaching an elevation of 3,332 ft, this 4 mile long hike can take upwards of a few hours one way. The trail itself follows the original fire warden’s trail (although the fire tower has been taken down). The trails are strewn with creeks, brooks and abandoned beaver ponds, and once at the summit, there is a limited view of the Nulhegan Basin (to the south). Good luck hikers!
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Hiking in Vermont; Monadnock Mountain Monadnock Mountain begins moderately through a small meadow and continues into a young forest following a scenic brook and rocky ledge. From here, the trail begins its persistent climb upward over rocky footing. At the summit all that remain of the burned fire warden’s cabin is the chimney and foundation but the fire tower is still functional and provides excellent views off the Connecticut River Valley as well as Vermont’s Green Mountains and New Hampshire’s White Mountain Range. This trail is about 2.5 miles long. Click here for directions.

Hiking in New Hampshirel; Dixville Notch State Park; Table Rock Table Rock is a platform, no more than 10 feet across, that protrudes out over Dixville Notch, New Hampshire with a shear drop of 700 feet on the other side (not for the faint of heart!). The view is amazing, with a straight line of view to the legendary Balsams Resort. At 2,540 feet, this hike is very steep, but ends with some amazing scenery.Click here for directions.

Lake Willoughby Gap (The Most Photographed Lake in Vermont):
Hiking in Vermont; Lake Willoughby; Mt. Hor; WIlloughby State Forest Mount Hor reaches an elevation of 2,648 feet and is a nice hike for those that find themselves in the Lake Willoughby area. The trail is about 2 miles long, although there are many break off points that will take you to some gorgeous outlooks. When you reach the summit you’re afforded a view of some ponds in the valley and the Green Mountains in the distance.Click here for directions.


Hiking in Vermont; Lake Willoughby; Mt. Pisgah; Willoughby State Forest
Mount Pisgah actually has a few different trails that you can check out, but all of them are absolutely gorgeous when you get to the top. Each offers a view of the surrounding mountains (of which there are many), and the lake as well.
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Happy Hiking Hikers!




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